The Sand project started back in 2022 as submission to #genuary. The prompt was given by @thomasp85 and literally sounded like "Sand" https://twitter.com/i_dianov/status/1687398724224303104

Making the canvas resizing is always a pain. I'm pleased with how responsive it turned out to be. https://twitter.com/i_dianov/status/1687057369602166785?s=20

I couldn't help making a subtle improvement so the sand you add with the mouse doesn't overlap the existing grains. https://twitter.com/i_dianov/status/1687012661194579968?s=20

Some iterations eventually stop, some continue indefinitely https://twitter.com/i_dianov/status/1679089262950592513?s=20

The speed can be changed now https://twitter.com/i_dianov/status/1678906509021814784